2016 Nissan LEAF SL


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147-hp (110 kW) AC synchronous electric motor

Driving electric has more than a few unexpected benefits. Without a gas engine, of course there are no more fill-ups, but you also do away with a lot more. There are fewer moving parts overall, which translates into less maintenance. Now you just have to decide what to do with all the extra free time.

40 kWh lithium-ion battery

The Nissan LEAF’s 40 kWh lithium-ion battery pack has been developed in-house, rigorously tested, and has an extraordinary record of reliability, meaning you can feel confident you are driving some of the best battery technology around.

Portable charge cable (120 V/240 V)

Plug in for a Level 2 charge at home, no charger box installation required, with the new 240 V cable. Using the same plug as your home dryer, you can charge the all-new Nissan LEAF. Or, in a pinch, plug directly in to a regular electrical outlet for a 120 V trickle charge.

Quick Charge Port

Charge up to 80% in the time it takes you to enjoy lunch. The Quick Charge Port lets you "fill up" in a snap at public Quick Charge stations nationwide. [*]


It’s a completely new way to drive, and a whole lot of fun. Imagine having the option to drive with one pedal. Just press down for an instant rush and ease off to slow down. You can even hold the vehicle on a hill without ever touching the brake. Of course, going back to driving with two pedals is as easy as flipping a switch, but where’s the fun in that? [*]

Intelligent Trace Control

Enjoy hugging curves with handling that feels effortless. Intelligent Trace Control reads the situation and, if needed, can brake each wheel individually to help you steer smoothly through the corners. [*]

Active Ride Control

Bump? What bump? Active Ride Control can automatically apply the brakes and adjust motor torque to smooth out your ride, turning those mountains into molehills.



17" Machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels

The Nissan LEAF meets the road on stylish machine-finished 17” aluminum-alloy wheels.

LED headlights with LED signature Daytime Running Lights

See and be seen with impressively stylish LED headlights. A forward-thinking design and a strip of signature Daytime Running Lights in a sweeping boomerang-inspired shape complement the Nissan LEAF's overall modern design, while running more efficiently than traditional headlights.

Heated outside mirrors

Easily adjustable standard dual power heated outside mirrors provide clearer visibility on icy or foggy days.

Outside mirrors with integrated LED turn signal indicators

The Nissan LEAF's dual power outside mirrors feature LED turn indicator lights that let you signal your intentions.

Automatic on/off headlights

A sensor detects the level of light you are driving in and turns the headlights on or off automatically, when necessary.

Fog lights

Integrated into the front bumper, the fog lights are designed to create a low, wide projection to increase visibility under any conditions.

Aerodynamic underbody panels and rear diffuser

A flat, aerodynamic underbody and rear diffuser enhance performance by allowing air to flow smoothly underneath the Nissan LEAF.

Rear spoiler

Take on some style and shake off some drag with this sporty rear spoiler.

Charge port with light and lock

Charging overnight? Get a clear look at your charge port with a handy light. If you're parked in your driveway, a secure lock helps you stay plugged-in, worry-free.



Intelligent Driver Alertness

The Nissan LEAF helps keep an eye out for you. This forward-thinking technology monitors your steering patterns and if it detects unusual steering activity, it will alert you with a chime, and by lighting a coffee cup icon on your display, letting you know it may be time for a break. [*]

Rear underseat heater ducts

Keep your passengers happy and comfortable. Ducts under the front seats help send hot air to the second row, for even heating of the entire cabin.

Hybrid heater system

Stay warm without being such a drain on your battery. The Nissan LEAF's hybrid heater system uses an external capacitor to heat your cabin, while expelling colder air outside. It's a forward-thinking piece of engineering that helps keep you cozy and on the road longer.

Auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink® Universal Garage Door Opener

The auto-dimming rearview mirror features the HomeLink® Transceiver System, which lets you control a combination of your garage door, house lights, security gates, and alarms. Additionally, the mirror detects the glare from bright headlights and automatically dims, helping you to keep your eyes where they need to be. [*]

Removable cargo cover

The rear cargo cover keeps your valuables contained, out of sight from prying eyes, and can be removed when not in use. [*]

8-way power adjustable driver’s bucket seat with 2-way adjustable lumbar

Get your seat just how you like it. The 8-way adjustable driver’s seat with 2-way adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize your comfort to match your needs.

Leather-appointed seats

The leather-appointed front and rear seats offer you and your passengers exceptional comfort and style.

Heated front seats

Enjoy added comfort on demand with stylish and modern heated seats that help keep you cozy on cold days.

Heated steering wheel

The heated steering wheel warms your hands for comfort and better mobility.

Bose® Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio System with seven speakers

It's sound so good, you'll feel like you're in the front row. Engineered specifically for the interior of your Nissan LEAF, the Bose® Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio System fills the cabin with concert-hall quality sound, emanating efficiently through its seven speakers. [*]


Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking can help save you from a potential frontal collision. It monitors your speed and distance between you and the car ahead and can let you know if you need to slow down. It can even automatically engage the brakes to help avoid a collision or lessen the severity of an impact. [*]

Blind Spot Warning

Blind Spot Warning helps you change lanes with confidence. It keeps an eye on the blind spot area and gives you a heads-up if it detects a vehicle hiding there. [*]

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert helps you back out of a space with more confidence. It watches around the rear of your Nissan LEAF and can warn you about cars it detects creeping up on you from either side. [*]

Intelligent Around View Monitor

The Intelligent Around View Monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual composite 360° bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views, so you can get a better look. This system also gives you an on-screen heads-up when it detects moving objects near your vehicle. We’re looking at you, shopping cart. [*]

Nissan Advanced Air Bag System

Nissan Advanced Air Bag System includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt sensors and an occupant-classification sensor. The inflation rate of these dual-stage air bags adjusts depending on crash severity and seat belt usage. In addition, supplemental air bags are built into the front seats to offer side-impact protection and move with you as you adjust your seating position. Also, roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags help provide head protection for both rows of outboard occupants. [*]

4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The braking system responds automatically to changing conditions. ABS helps you maintain control by working to prevent wheel lockup during emergency situations.

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) with Traction Control System (TCS)

This standard feature—sometimes called stability control—continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, senses any oversteer or understeer, and compensates by reducing motor speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. In addition, Traction Control System can sense front wheel slip or spin and responds by instantly helping reduce motor output which helps you both regain grip and maintain control of the road. [*]

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Easy-Fill Tire Alert

When it comes to your tire pressure, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System takes away any guessing. A symbol on your dash illuminates when the pressure is low. And when you're filling your tires, the Easy-Fill Tire Alert lets you know—with a friendly beep—when they've got the right amount of air. [*]



Protection Package

  • Protect the front and rear bumpers of your Nissan LEAF from nicks and scratches
  • Custom-designed for a perfect fit
  • Includes Clear Front Bumper Protector and Rear Bumper Protector
  • Factory-installed


Splash Guards (4-piece set)

  • Save your Nissan LEAF from an unwelcome mud bath.
  • Contoured to match wheel openings, Splash Guards help prevent dirt and debris from nicking and scratching the finish
  • Add value and style while helping protect the sides of your vehicle
  • Factory-installed


Carpeted Cargo and Floor Mats [*]

  • All Nissan Carpeted Cargo and Floor Mats are made of high-quality material and are custom-fit
  • Driver's mat secures with a grommet hole/positioning hook system
  • Floor mat backing is designed to help position the mat in place
  • Factory-installed


Cargo Net [*]

  • Fight the forces of cargo chaos with a Cargo Net that helps keep items in place
  • Secures with tie-down hooks in cargo area
  • Flexible, nylon cord
  • Factory-installed


Cargo Organizer

  • Get super-organized with movable dividers that let you customize the cargo space.
  • Made of sturdy black plastic
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Factory-installed


Kick Plates (2-piece set)

  • Featuring a unique design, these kick plates are the perfect intersection of style and function
  • Protect your door sills from nicks and scratches
  • Factory-installed


Safety Kit

  • Includes First-aid Kit and Emergency Road Kit
  • Basic first-aid supplies in a convenient, durable, zippered vinyl pouch
  • Basic roadside emergency supplies in a zippered nylon bag
  • Factory-installed


Chrome Rear Bumper Protector

  • Easy, no-drill installation
  • Designed to help prevent scratches and scuffs when loading cargo.
  • Dealer-installed


Clear Front Bumper Protector

  • Designed to help prevent scratches and scuffs 
  • Transparent design provides protection without sacrificing style
  • Easy, no-drill installation
  • Dealer-installed


Carpeted Floor Mats

  • All Nissan Carpeted Floor Mats are made of high-quality material and are custom-fit.
  • Floor mat backing is designed to help position the mat in place
  • Driver and front-passenger mats secure with a grommet hole/positioning hook system
  • Dealer-installed


All-season Floor Mats

  • Stepping in from the rain or snow? You need a set of All-season Floor Mats.
  • Driver and front-passenger mats secure with a grommet hole/positioning hook system
  • Custom made of durable and long-wearing material
  • Floor mat backing is designed to help position the mat in place
  • Dealer-installed


Nissan WiFi & Apps [*]

  • WiFi enables you to seamlessly and securely connect to the internet
  • Connects up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices
  • Applications include Parental Controls, Find My Car, Geo Zone Alerts, Speed Tracker, Curfew Alerts and Valet Mode
  • Works while the vehicle is stationary or moving
  • Available 1GB and 5GB affordable monthly plans
  • Pricing does not include monthly subscription
  • Dealer-installed


Emergency Road Kit

  • Everything you need for life's little uncertainties.
  • Contents include: heavy-duty jumper cables, emergency reflective triangle, flashlight with batteries and hands-free stand, duct tape, two screwdrivers, battery terminal cleaner and compact thermal blanket
  • Basic roadside emergency supplies in a zippered nylon bag
  • Dealer-installed


First-aid Kit

  • Play it safe with a First-aid Kit with VELCRO® backing so it can secure to any carpeted surface. [*]
  • Contents include: latex-free gloves, adhesive bandages, adhesive tape, sterile gauze, elastic bandage, cleansing towelettes, large-grip super scissors, first-aid cream, tweezers/magnifier and a first-aid instruction booklet
  • Basic first-aid supplies in a convenient, durable, zippered vinyl pouch
  • Dealer-installed


Air Bag Anti-theft Bolts

  • Your safety equipment helps keep you safe, so why shouldn't you return the favor?
  • Unique keyed design provides added security
  • Dealer-installed


Seat Belt Extender

  • Need a little extra breathing room? The Seat Belt Extender adds up to 8 inches of length
  • May be used for either the driver or front-passenger seating position
  • Dealer-installed


Family Travel Clean-up Kit

  • Life gets messy. Clean up spills and splatters on the go
  • Basic cleaning supplies in a zippered nylon bag
  • Contents include: hand sanitizer, cleansing towelettes, clean-up wipes, plastic utility bags, paper scoop, plastic gloves, cold pack, air deodorizer, motion sickness bags, fabric cleaning wipes, cleaning brush and tissues
  • Family Travel Clean-up Kit refill available for MSRP $20
  • Dealer-installed


Wheel Locks

  • Four Wheel Locks and coded Wheel Lock socket to help keep your wheels out of the wrong hands.
  • Superior durability, corrosion-resistant
  • Dealer-installed


Nissan LEAF License Plate Frame

  • Show your Nissan LEAF pride
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Choice of several finishes, with or without logos
  • Dealer-installed


Nissan Valve Stem Caps (4-piece set)

  • Show your Nissan pride
  • Inert ABS plastic material helps caps screw on and off with ease
  • Rigorously tested to resist salt spray and corrosion
  • No interference with Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Designed to be hand-tightened
  • Dealer-installed


Nissan Chrome License Plate Frame and Valve Stem Caps Package

  • Show your Nissan pride
  • License Plate Frame features stainless steel construction and chrome finish
  • Valve Stem Caps screw on and off with ease
  • Valve Stem Caps do not interfere with TPMS and are designed to be hand-tightened
  • Dealer-installed




Technology Package

  • Electronic parking brake
  • ProPILOT Assist
  • High Beam Assist
  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection [*]
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention [*]